Jesus said that those who hear His words 和一个ct on them are like a wise man who builds on a solid rock. No matter the storms, that house stands firm. 澳门永利赌博开户网址’s one-year 证书s provide one of the best opportunities for you to dig into Scripture and build your life on its unchanging truths.

The 澳门永利赌博开户网址 Advantage

The accredited 圣经 证书 program at Appalachian 圣经 College 是一个 focused, dynamic way to spend your year. 你会 学会 知道 God’s Word through courses in 圣经 interpretation and 神学, and to share His Word through ministry courses such as Personal Evangelism and Missions.

Meet lifelong friends, learn from godly leaders, and prepare for whatever God has for you next.

Cultivate Core Values

  • Passion for Servanthood

    Imitate Christ and discover the value of serving the Lord, His Church, and the world with 卓越.

  • Practice of Integrity

    Exercise righteousness 和一个ccountability in your relationships.

  • Priority of the Local Church

    Involve yourself in the local church, God's instrument for reaching the world with the 福音.

  • Pursuit of a Biblical Worldview

    See the world with a Biblical perspective; stand on the absolute authority of Scripture.

  • Primacy of 《澳门永利赌博开户地址》

    Grow in your love for the Word of God and your conviction of its role in all of life.

Why a 圣经 证书?

No matter your aspirations or career goals, a 圣经 证书 provides every Christian with a solid, Biblical foundation for life.

Is your future unclear? Do you wonder what God’s will is for your life? The 圣经 证书 program is designed for you! It 是一个 wise pursuit if you are undecided about a vocation, if you want to become more useful in your local church, 或者如果你想 personal spiritual growth.

If God leads you to continue your education at 澳门永利赌博开户网址 or elsewhere, 认证 ensures that your 圣经 证书 course credits will be accepted.


In addition to the traditional 圣经 证书 program offered on 澳门永利赌博开户网址’s scenic 西维吉尼亚州 campus, 这 program is available as an online 圣经 证书.

Gap Year 圣经 证书

Besides earning a 圣经 证书 in 9 months, you will have monthly adventure day trips, an extended overnight trip, 和一个 missions trip to a foreign field. 你会 experience rock climbing, whitewater rafting, wild caving, hiking, and camping in places like New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, the Appalachian Trail, and Cranberry Wilderness Area. Additionally, you will have the summer opportunity to serve at Alpine 圣经 Camp.

Requirements: 30 hours

圣经 / Theology Core

  • Principles of 圣经 Interpretation
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • 马太福音-使徒行传


  • Foundations of Ministry
  • Biblical Theology of Missions or Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Personal Evangelism & 门徒

创eral Education Core

  • English Composition I
  • Physical Education
  • 成功的研讨会

Gap Year Credits

  • Camping Skills Elective
  • Gap Missions Trip
  • 峡谷徒步旅行

Gap Year 圣经 证书 Checksheet

圣经 & 创. Ed. 证书

Coursework for 《澳门永利赌博开户地址》 and 创eral Education 证书 mirrors the first year of a bachelor of arts schedule. 如果你决定 to return for an A.A. 或B.A. after graduating with 这 证书, you will be right on track.

Requirements: 30 hours

圣经 & 创. Ed. 证书 Checksheet

圣经 & Ministry 证书

If you want to forego general education courses and concentrate on 圣经, 神学, and ministry preparation for a year, 这 证书 is for you.

Requirements: 33 hours

圣经 / Theology Core

  • Old Testament Survey
  • 创esis – Deuteronomy
  • Paul’s Letters 1 or Hebrews – Revelation
  • 学说 1: Intro. 对神学 & 《澳门永利赌博开户地址》 or 学说 3: Man, Sin & 救恩
  • Principles of 圣经 Interpretation
  • New Testament Survey
  • 约书亚记-以斯帖 or Isaiah – Malachi
  • 马太福音-使徒行传 or Paul’s Letters 2
  • 学说 2: God, Christ, Holy Spirit & 天使 or 学说 4: Church & 去年的事情


  • Biblical Theology of Missions
  • Foundations of Ministry
  • Personal Evangelism & 门徒

圣经 & Ministry 证书 Checksheet


Something BIG is coming to 澳门永利赌博开户网址