Guided by experienced missionaries, the 认证 任务 major at Appalachian Bible College provides instruction that is both theoretical 和 practical. 从写 prayer letter to discipling believers, you will receive top preparation to serve in local 和 cross-cultural missions.



Some Christian colleges only require minimal Bible or theology credits for their 任务 major 学生. Other colleges only offer a 任务 minor. At 澳门永利赌博开户网址, you will receive a bachelor's degree with a 双学位 in 圣经/神学 任务. If you are serious about becoming a missionary, this may be the best undergraduate program for you.

If you desire to further enhance your missions preparation, choose one of ten optional concentrations:

  • 航空 Train for reaching the isolated 和 unreached

  • 圣经的语言 Build a foundation for translation work

  • 外语 Learn skills for ministry among Spanish speakers

  • 国际研究 Experience missionary life in Peru for 11 months

  • 音乐 Use music in cross-cultural evangelism 和 church planting

  • 护理 Prepare for service in medical missions

  • 青年 & 家庭 Disciple people of all ages cross-culturally


Mr. 菲利普·彼得森 - 教师

Mr. 菲利普·彼得森

In order for young people to launch into global missions 和 effectively serve Christ 和 His Church, they must be firmly grounded in truth, exposed to the lives 和 ministries of godly servants, 和 immersed in outreach 和 discipleship opportunities within their 当地的教堂.

I am convinced that today’s youth, reared in a global society, are not intimidated by cultural diversity. 那 fact, coupled with the training received at 澳门永利赌博开户网址, will produce committed servants, increasing the potential for reaping the fields that "are white already to harvest."


  • TESOL Spread the Gospel through teaching English

  • 女性的部门 Get equipped to serve 和 disciple women in other cultures

  • 敬拜 Prioritize Biblical worship 和 music as you prepare to be a missionary

After 3 years of study, you will be given a great opportunity to practice what you have learned: a 4-8 week missionary internship.

Internships are a long-st和ing method of equipping future missionaries. 使徒保罗 himself took along several “interns” as he preached 和 planted churches; among them was 蒂莫西. The result of 蒂莫西’s time with the apostle was a reputation for faithful service. 晚些时候 Paul wrote, “You know the proof of him, that […] he has served with me in the gospel” (Phil. 2:22).

An internship will give you the chance to work alongside experienced missionaries, evangelizing 和 discipling people very different from you. It will be challenging, stretching, 和 丰富的奖励. Together with your 澳门永利赌博开户网址 coursework in 圣经/神学 和 任务, this internship will instill in your heart a passion 和 capability for lifelong missionary service.



The Great Commission is clear: "Go 和 make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19-20). But prior to this Jesus gave other comm和s: "If any man will come after me, 让他克制自己, 背起他的十字架, 和 follow me" (Luke 9:23); 和, "If any man serve me, let him follow me" (John 12.26).

Appalachian Bible College assists 当地的教堂 by equipping future missionaries to serve Christ wherever He leads, 包括:

  • economically-depressed third-world countries,
  • large urban areas in Europe, South America, or Asia,
  • spiritually-cold populations of North America,
  • a specific people or language group.

Internship Opportunities

任务 学生 at Appalachian Bible College have served internships in many different fields, 包括:

  • Tribal ministry in Kenya
  • 在瑞典传福音
  • Inner-city Muslim ministry in the U.S.
  • Teaching English in creative access Asian countries

Career 部的机会

  • 全球使命
  • 市中心的部
  • 《澳门永利赌博开户网址》翻译
  • 部落的任务
  • 医学的任务
  • 回家的任务

目标 & 结果

你将接受……方面的培训。 导致……
identifying the Biblical patterns 和 means for fulfilling the missionary m和ate determining where 和 how you can serve God in worldwide missions.
examining the Biblical methodologies for church ministry 和 growth implementing the appropriate steps to establish an effective church ministry.
knowing the basic presuppositions of major 20th century religions intelligently communicating the Gospel of Christ to followers of other belief systems.
discovering the critical nature of relationships in ministry establishing strong relationships for the purpose of evangelism 和 discipleship.
discerning which cultural differences are 圣经 permissible effectively ministering to people of diverse cultures.



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